Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Day in the Park

What a great day it was!

I woke up early in the morning and saw Abi and Ummi packing up and ready for a family outing in the park. Abi plan to jog every weekend to keep fit and Ummi loves the idea very much in keeping with a healthy family lifestyle. It was a beautiful day after the strong wind and sandstorm which occured the whole of yesterday.

Abi drove us to the park and we reached there around 8.30 a.m. I was so sleepy and fell asleep on Ummi's lap. There are not many people in and around the park except for 3-4 men doing the maintenance on my favourite dolphin fountain.... ummphh no more splashing water from the dolphin's mouth. Other than Mr Lion who is my good friend, I have Mr Dolphin who is also my favourite playmate. Maybe next time I can ask dear Ummi to upload Mr dolphin pics for all to see.

Ummi then took me for a stroll around the park and Abi went for a power run :).. after that, all of us lepak under the shade of kurma trees. Do you know that United Arab Emirates is one of the main exporter of 'minyak' kurma of the world? I guess not many people know this fact. Even Abi sometimes get confused on what is UAE main contribution to the developing world. By the way, Ummi and Abi ate a lot of Dunkin Donut for breakfast..they bought the special 'Buy 6 take 12 home' deal yesterday and there's still plenty of leftover. Of course all of this is not fair. I only had milk for my breakfast. Abi and Ummi took some pictures while I strike several poses but what can you expect from two grown-ups who like to take advantage of a cute baby like me...hehe.

I could see and hear bird chirpings and I enjoyed the cool morning breeze. After spending few quality hours with Abi and Ummi I felt very tired and we decided to go home.

I had a great time at the park today! Thank you Abi and Ummi.

We should do this more often :)


Hayatie said...

salam azma, nice to meet you. Keep on pumping..if you put your mind into it, you can do it.. :)

hanieliza said...

maaf kakliza baru perasan [nampak] soklan pasal daging liat tu..
biasanya kakliza akna beli daging steak [tenderlion][lembut] untuk masak..
so taklah dia liat macam pelastik..
cara memotong tu kekadang kakliza pun terbabas..tapi masaklah gunakan api paling perlahan untuk melembutkannya..masukkan halia ketuk untuk menghilangkan bau hamis daging tu..
InsyaAllah menjadi..
semoga berjaya..

aduh..comelnya Luqman...\rasa macam nak cubit-cubit jer pipi tu...