Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Selsema oh Selsema

Harini dah genap seminggu Luqman selsema, hidung asyik tersumbat dan susah Luqman nak hisap susu dan nak tidur. Tapi Luqman tetap aktif macam biasa dan tak merengek kecuali bila time nak tidur, mata mengantuk tapi tak boleh tidur..bila Ummi dan Abi nak buang hingus, tak bagi pula. Pantang betul kalau orang nak pegang hidung Luqman yang mancung tu.. jadi ummi cuma sapukan vicks di dada dan belakang saja.. mungkin kah sebab cuaca yang semakin sejuk atau berjangkit dari Amber yang cute itu.

Last week, Amber and Auntie Lina datang rumah melawat Luqman, both of them baru balik ke UAE selepas Auntie Lina habis pantang di Singapore. Sekarang kawan Luqman dah bertambah sorang lagi.. tapi Amber baby jadi tak boleh nak lari lari dengan Luqman lagi. Suara Amber sangat kuat bila menangis sampai Luqman pun jadi takut hehe..

Anyway, it's nice to meet Auntie Lina and Amber, we are looking forward to have dinner with them at Noodle Bowl may be next week? till then bye bye
Auntie Lina and lil' Amber
Luqman is reading a story to Amber

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Weekend Activity


At last now it is winter in Abu Dhabi after 5 months of hot summer, sekarang cuaca memang best untuk outdoor activities, boleh berBBQ, pergi park dan bersukan. Last weekend kami sekeluarga berpeluang untuk bermandi laut for the first time in Abu Dhabi. The beach is just 20 minutes drive from our home, and the facilities are very good. And the best thing is not many people willing to terjun laut accept for mat saleh 2-3 orang because the water is a bit cold. But for Luqman, swimming is his hobby tak kira sejuk ke tidak. Kalau kat Malaysia mana dapat peluang ke pantai yang cantik tiap tiap hujung minggu kan?

Sangat suka main pasir.
Like father like son, suka berenang dan mandi laut.
Luqman tengah happy main air, Abi tengah korek pasir mencari kepah..dolu dolu Abi adalah salah seorg pencari kepah di Batu Feringgi Penang hehehe.. bila balik kampung ke rumah arwah tok.
Weekend nanti kita pergi swimmming lagi ya..

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Salam Maal Hijrah 1431

Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah.. marilah kita sama sama menyambut hari yang penuh makna ini dengan membaca doa akhir tahun dan awal tahun. Semoga kita akan sentiasa diberkati. Amin
Sumber: JAKIM

Doa akhir tahun, dibaca 3 kali selepas asar pada akhir bulan Zulhijjah

Doa Awal tahun, di baca 3 kali selepas maghrib pada malam 1 Muharram

Monday, 14 December 2009

Luqman Berenang @Sharjah

Salam semua,

Kali ni Luqman nak bercerita pengalaman pertama berenang di kolam renang di rumah Auntie Zu di Sharjah. Kolam renang ni sangat best dan besar. Sekarang mari layan gambar-gambar yang sempat di snap oleh Ummi dan Abi.

Mula-mula Luqman duduk dalam pelampung baru ni, tapi bila dalam pelampung ni rasa pergerakan terbatas, jadi macamana nak berenang gaya bebas. Sekarang pelampung tolak ke tepi, Abi nak ajar Luqman berenang kuak lentang
Mula mula kocak kocakkan kaki, best macam ni dapat terapung dalam air yang sejukk...
Sekarang Ummi pula pegang Luqman dan ajar renang gaya bebas.
Seronok sangat..
Luqman siap selam muka ke dalam air, banyak jugak telan air kolam ni.
Inilah bakal scuba diver junior, nak join Abi untuk next scuba diving trip.. dimana ya? Sipadan?
Ini video yang sempat dirakamkan
Sekian saja laporan aktiviti renang untuk kali ni, nanti Luqman nak pergi berenang lagi nak practice untuk ambil lesen scuba. Nanti besar boleh Luqman ikut Abi dan Ummi scuba diving.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

Salam semua,

MomBloggersPlanet sekali lagi menganjurkan contest untuk bulan Disember 2009 dengan tema 'Cutest Baby Smiling'. Syarat-syarat penyertaan sangat mudah dan yang bestnya hadiah2nya sangat lumayan..

How to enter:

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  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth. Write why you love to see your baby smiling.

  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry

  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post

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Nama: Luqman Hakim bin Abdul Halim

Tarikh Lahir: 11/10/2008

Alhamdulillah, for the past one year plus I have been granted the opportunity to spend quality time with my lil' Luqman Hakim as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) and enjoying every single moment. Every morning he would wake up with the sweetest smile on that cute little face and this will continue on throughout the day, from having his cereal breakfast with Ummi and Abi, taking his bath or doing his favourite activities such as riding his brightly lit bike or watching the telly while enjoying his favourite kids show.

Like any other one year old, Luqman is growing up so fast and now he has 2 rows of teeth to even further brightened that adorable smile. I love to watch my Luqman smile because it feel good to know that my lil' one is enjoying his time with me, which in turn makes me feel more relax and stress free. A good theraphy is what it is :) and it really make my day.

Luqman is a happy soul, he loves to smile whenever we call up his name or talk to him as if he understand the words. His daily bath session would end up with a rub down session which tickles him everytime, and of course whenever Abi make his 'famous' funny faces. Luqman smile is genuine and priceless, these can melt anyone heart. He will walk up to strangers on the street with his smiley face and strike a conversation as if they are his long lost friend. Nowadays his favourite past time is watching 'Geng Pengembaraan the Movie featuring Upin & Ipin'.... those are his favourite characters and watching them never fails to invite a smile on his lil' baby face.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Barney in Dubai.

Luqman met his favourite character, Barney in Dubai last Saturday.

Hehe..sebenarnya ummi Luqman yang nak pergi tengok show Barney ni, sebelum ni asyik tengok kat tv je. Semua mak ayah yang overexcited bila tengok Barney keluar.. budak budak steady je.. :)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Asean Cup 2009 @ Al Ahli Club Dubai

Salam to all,

The UAE National Day is celebrated on 2nd of December of every year, and this year it happened to be on the very same day as the Asean 5 a side football and captain's ball tournament which were held at Al Ahli Club, Dubai. This time ummi had the opportunity to play for the Malaysian team in the captain's ball game. And the best part is, Malaysian Team A had won 3rd place. :)
Posing sebelum main
Captain Ball Team A (yellow) and Team B. Team A managed to defeat Philiphine team and Thailand but lost to Singaporean teams. And Luqman spending his time playing football with his new friend.

A star in the making, noticed how he 'gelecek' the 2 older players and run with the ball.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Eid Adha 1430H @ UAE

Ahlan Wa sahlan and Eid Mubarak to all my friends,

This year Eid Adha is celebrated on 27th November in UAE and this time around we had the opportunity to see live telecast through Saudi Channel on the wukuf in Arafah performed by all the Hajj pilgrims from all over the world. Before this we only heard from Abi and both Tok on their experience in Makkah during this auspicious day. InsyaAllah, I hope Makkah will be our next destination in months to come.

In the morning we performed our Eid prayer at the masjid near to our house. In Abu Dhabi, the prayer start at 7 o'clock in the morning which is much earlier if compared with Malaysia. Around 9 am we all met up at Khalidiya park and had a potluck get together with several Malaysian families. It is one of the nicer park in Abu Dhabi with facilities and playground equipments to suit all ages. The best thing I like about the playground is the slide because it suit my age and I had a great time having a go at all of them.

Macam macam ada..
Luqman enjoyed himself riding on what seems to be a 'bird'For the pot luck session Ummi baked Lasagna and cooked bubur pulut hitam which is my favourite (and Abi's too). There were other dishes served as well; pulut kuning, rendang ayam, mihun goreng, nasi himpit, sup tulang and a lot more. Sorry no pictures were taken of these lovely home cook dishes because both Abi and Ummi were too busy enjoying these food themselves..hehe. Everyone are friendly and it is good to feel welcomed as we are the only 'new' family in the group.
Satay was introduced later in the day but by then we had to excuse ourselves as Ummi and Abi want to visit Auntie Yan who had just given birth to a cute baby gurl, Nur Haya the day before at Corniche Hospital. Congrats to Uncle Syedshah and Auntie Yan for the new addition to the family. I am sure Sis Wahdah cant wait to meet up with her younger sister.
Later that evening we drove to Sharjah and stayed at Auntie Zu's house. Auntie Zu served us her fav home made rendang and nasi himpit..nyum nyum delicious :) I spent most of my time playing with abg Zahir and helping out in the kitchen whenever there is a need to lend a helping hand. Uncle Zaf's house is really big with 3 big bedrooms and it is nice to be on the 24th floor with spectacular views of Sharjah right across the balcony.

Early in the morning
Night view
I had a great time in Sharjah.. thank you Uncle Zaf and Auntie Zu. Next time Luqman datang lagi ya :)
Ok semua.. see you in my next entry bye..

Fujairah Trip

Eid Mubarak to all,

We have been planning the trip to Fujairah for quite some time now and it finally materialised during the recent Eid holiday. As this is our first time there, Uncle Zaf has volunteered to be our tour guide. What started as a trip for 2 families ended up as a convoy of 6 cars with addition of friends and families from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The more the merrier, I had the opportunity to make new friends and enjoyed good food too.

Sharjah monument.. tunggu geng2 pengembaraan dari Dubai who got wayward midway through reaching the rendevous point. Family photo
Bisnes talk..bole pinjam kereta mainan tu tak?
Jom kita main
Luqman berjumpa pula dengan kawan kawan baru di Sharjah monument

The trip to Fujairah took about 2 hours from Sharjah and we ended up taking the long road through Dibba which is the border of UAE and Oman. We enjoyed the stunning scenery of Dibba because its sandwiched between the rocky mountains. But unfortunately this time of year the beaches are a bit too crowded because people from all over UAE came to Fujairah's beach to spend their long holiday of Eid and the National Day.

After searching frantically for a good spot to lepak we managed to get parking at one of the beaches in Fujairah and had our picnic. We had nasi himpit, soto, lontong, nasi goreng, cupcakes, sandwich and ayam goreng too. I had a really a great moment playing with sand using my new gadget on the beach. And I had the chance to try out the swing too... it's breathtaking (literally..hehe)

We spent about 1 hour at the beach and travelled back to Sharjah and stayed there for another night.Thanks to Uncle Zaf and Auntie Zu for letting us 'sleepover' and enjoy the pool during the stay in Sharjah.
All in all, it was a really memorable trip. InsyaAllah we will visit Fujairah again...soon I hope.

Geng pengembaraan

berhenti tengok karpet yang cantik2 on the way ke Fujairah.. tapi mahal sangat tak jadi nak beli

Antara yang hadir
senyum semua..

Seronok main pasir sampai habis muka dgn pasir. Siap makan pasir lagi..

Friday, 4 December 2009

Luqman & Buaian

Ini adalah kali pertama Luqman naik buaian. Buaian ni best sesuai untuk toddler macam Luqman. Pantai di Fujairah ni cantik tapi kali ni ramai sangat orang sebab cuti raya haji. Harap boleh pergi sekali lagi dan main buaian lagi.
Mula mula Luqman macam takut takut.
Lepas 2-3 kali try swing terus jadi best!
Naik buaian juga merupakan satu skill untuk kanak-kanak riang seperti Luqman. Menurut kajian, toddler akan naturally tarik nafas bila buaian ke belakang dan lepas nafas apabila buaian bergerak ke depan. Dan this breathing control will be important as a child learns to talk.I love to play, play is my job:)
Wheee up high
Sangat seronok. Kalau buaian macam ni ada Abu Dhabi bole main tiap2 hariSekian saja laporan tentang pengalaman Luqman naik buaian..Jumpa lagi