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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

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MomBloggersPlanet sekali lagi menganjurkan contest untuk bulan Disember 2009 dengan tema 'Cutest Baby Smiling'. Syarat-syarat penyertaan sangat mudah dan yang bestnya hadiah2nya sangat lumayan..

How to enter:

  • Get a photo of your baby SMILING

  • Write a blog post about this contest with title MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby Smiling Contest

  • Include your baby’s photo in the post and mention his/her name and date of birth. Write why you love to see your baby smiling.

  • Include a link to this contest page, PhotoBook Malaysia and AliceWonders in your entry

  • Leave a comment here with link to your blog post

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Nama: Luqman Hakim bin Abdul Halim

Tarikh Lahir: 11/10/2008

Alhamdulillah, for the past one year plus I have been granted the opportunity to spend quality time with my lil' Luqman Hakim as a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) and enjoying every single moment. Every morning he would wake up with the sweetest smile on that cute little face and this will continue on throughout the day, from having his cereal breakfast with Ummi and Abi, taking his bath or doing his favourite activities such as riding his brightly lit bike or watching the telly while enjoying his favourite kids show.

Like any other one year old, Luqman is growing up so fast and now he has 2 rows of teeth to even further brightened that adorable smile. I love to watch my Luqman smile because it feel good to know that my lil' one is enjoying his time with me, which in turn makes me feel more relax and stress free. A good theraphy is what it is :) and it really make my day.

Luqman is a happy soul, he loves to smile whenever we call up his name or talk to him as if he understand the words. His daily bath session would end up with a rub down session which tickles him everytime, and of course whenever Abi make his 'famous' funny faces. Luqman smile is genuine and priceless, these can melt anyone heart. He will walk up to strangers on the street with his smiley face and strike a conversation as if they are his long lost friend. Nowadays his favourite past time is watching 'Geng Pengembaraan the Movie featuring Upin & Ipin'.... those are his favourite characters and watching them never fails to invite a smile on his lil' baby face.

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