Monday, 26 April 2010

Delicious Nasi Padang in Abu Dhabi

Have you tried an Indonesian food known as Nasi Padang before?

We had our first encounter with this dish in one of the restaurant in Bali 2 years ago and were pleasantly surprised when the waiter immediately proceeded to serve all the lauk-pauk in small serving with a plate of steam rice. And there we were sitting comfortably waiting for someone to take our orders...heh. At the end of the meal the waiter came and note down whatever we have eaten.

So last weekend was an opportunity to wet our tastebuds again when we had our special guest from Sharjah, Kak Zu and family, who came all the way to Abu Dhabi to try nasi padang at Sari Rasa Restoran. This restaurant is located behind Al Reyami Building, right in front of Abu Dhabi Mall. Parking was horrendous but we are so lucky to get a couple of nice spots quite close to the restaurant, which location might not be immediately visible from the main road. It is small and cosy restaurant but one have to go down to the basement to access all the the mouth watering dishes and the main dining hall. We arrived at 230pm and the restaurant is almost empty. Good timing!

There are plenty of sumptious dishes displayed besides the counter and it is ala-ala foodcourt di Uniten. Ambil nasi and lauk and show to the person at the counter. I had the rice with ikan bakar, terung masak sambal and a begedil for Luqman. Really yummy! I love this restaurant.. Kak Zu and family also enjoyed the food very much. Abi opted for nangka masak lomak, ayam goreng, sambal ikan bilis (his favourite) and sayur kerabu.

And for desserts we've ordered es campur. Its like ais kacang but without the ais has cincau, nata de coco and avocado in it with 2 ketul of ice.. nice and sweet :). Average price for one person is around Dhs 30, which is ok for me. (Lagipun Uncle Zaf yang belanja...hehe)
Gendang gendut tali kecapi kenyang perut suka hati.. next time kami datang lagi.
Kak Zu with her new camera at our house The only picture, Es Campur. Yang lain tak sempat ambil sebab lapar sangat..
Rombongan ke Restoran Sari Rasa, happy lepas kenyang makan
That night we went to Khalifa Park to see the much publicised funfair and circus galore. Much to our disappointment there were limited rides and fun activities for the children. But all is not lost....I've won a teddy bear for the first time in my life! Yeayyy....
Grabbing the thrown teddy once yours truly is declared the winner...
A ride for ummi and Luqman
We had the best of time and Luqman really enjoy all the rides.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya Sharifah...


Alhamdulillah semalam, 5 Jamadilawal 1413H bersamaan 21 April 2010, Luqman mendapat seorang lagi sepupu baru.. kali ini sepupu girl pula. Namanya Sharifah.. tapi belum tau Sharifah apa.. Ini anak sulung Ami Najib dan Nda Mala. Dilahirkan di Seremban, berat semasa lahir 4 kg. Tembam kan..InsyaAllah bulan Jun ni kita jumpa ya!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Weekend Picnic


Jumaat lepas Irma ajak untuk breakfast picnic di tepian pantai, jadi dengan tak fikir panjang kami pun setuju untuk join sebab inilah first time nak jumpa Cik Irma yang selama ni cuma kenal dalam blog saja. Kami sampai pukul 8am tapi cuaca dah start panas.. walaupun panas ramai pulak mat and mek saleh berjemur di tepian pantai dan ramai juga yang ambil peluang terjun laut sebab airnya dah tak sejuk macam waktu winter dulu.
Dalam pukul 830am setelah semua berkumpul kami pun memulakan acara makan. Luqman dengan Humairah pula seronok sangat main together gether sampai tak ingat nak makan. Selepas makan kami pun memulakan acara terjun laut yeay!!
Baru pukul 1030am tapi cuaca teramat panas dah macam pukul 1pm, apa lagi kami pun mula beransur balik sebab dah tak tahan panas! Sudah masuk summer di sini, musim yang paling panas teramat..waktu macam ni terasa rindunya nak balik Malaya..sabar sabar tak lama lagi dah nak balik for good.. bestnya :)
Luqman and his new friend, Aisyah Humairah. Main sama sama tanpa suara Aikk sama pula position duduknya Saya nak main bola pula Inilah kumpulan berkelah kali ini dari kiri Irma, Tun, ummi dan HaniMenu berkelah nasi lemak, kuih kacang, mihun goreng dan spaghetti goreng Luqman dan air bagaikan isi dan kuku..dah masuk dalam air susah nak keluar Panasnya Berenang solo Group photo sebelum beransur balik.
Selamat pulang bercuti ke Malaysia, Irma..kalau panjang umur kita jumpa lagi

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Weekend Outing - Atlantis, Dubai

Entry to The Lost Chamber
Right after watching the dolphins, we continue our journey to the Atlantis, Dubai. Atlantis is located at the centre of the crescent of Palm Jumeirah and it is the most impressive hotel in Dubai with a big aquarium inside it. We took this opportunity to visit the lost chamber loacated inside the hotel. The entrance fee is Dhs 100/person and it was really worth it. But we missed the whale shark because the hotel already released it to the sea last month.
View of Atlantis Palm Jumeirah Luqman amazed with the view...and so are we! There are variety of fish: sharks, manta ray, bumphead parrotfish etc.
Collection of small fish: nemo, dory and the gang
Jellyfish Morays- look agressive but actually they actually very shy animals
Catfish (ikan keli)- Saiznya sangat besar Piranha- nampak cute tapi bahaya. Berasal dari Amazon River, South America. Goliath Groupers- can change their sex to meet their partner requirement! Arapaima-South American fresh water fish
Atlantis at night
Thank you for this jalan-jalan session :0 . The view from the Palm Jumeirah crescent.
See you next time !

Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend Outing at Dubai Dolphinarium


Last Friday we all went to Dubai Dolphinarium to see the much talk about dolphin show. It is conveniently located at Dubai Creek next to the Children Park and took us about 2 hours to reach there from Abu Dhabi (plus Abi's 'sesat' escapade with the Garmin right before Maktoum bridge...heh).

Our geng pengembaraan managed to get budget tickets to watch the morning show at Dhs 50/ person for adult and it's free for Luqman and Eiliyah, with Dhiya at half price. Mind you the normal price for the ticket is Dhs100 (120 for 'VIP' tickets..sheesh!) and this is indeed a bargain.

We were entertained by the ever so adorable dolphins and seals for 1 hour ++ and it was a very exciting show. Luqman enjoyed himself very much and he kept pointing at the dolphins and said '' :) The dolphins are very clever and they can interact very well with their Russian instructor.. ermmm I wonder whether these dolphins can understand other language..

The performance started with the seals..
The seals are stealing the limelight with their singing........

Here they come..the dolphins!!
Wowww!! No other words can describe this.... Very entertaining performance, these dolphin can hula, jump through hoops...and sing!
All of them have names but I couldn't remember any...
Swishhh to the left, and Swooosh to the right....
Happy boys.. Luqman (and Abi) tersangatlah excited bila tengok dolphins melompat lompat
Dolphins waving goodbye after finishing their performance
Family photo...we had a wonderful time. Highly recommended for a great family outing.
If you want to know more about Dubai Dolphinarium, you can click here

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Luqman dah 18 bulan

Lama betul tak update milestone heroku Luqman Hakim. InsyaAllah bulan ni Luqman dah genap 1 1/2 tahun, pejam celik sekejap saja masa berlalu, dah besar dah hero ummi sorang ni. Alhamdulillah..

Luqman dah pandai membebel sorang2, antara perkataan yang dia dah boleh cakap and kami faham ialah

1. nak nak nak.. sambil tunjuk kat benda yang dia nak

2. car..atau bunyi tarr.. untuk semua jenis kenderaan beroda 4

3. dog. untuk semua jenis binatang... kucing dan burung pun dia panggil dog

Luqman pun dah pandai dengar arahan, kalau nak keluar suruh pakai shoes nanti berlari lari ambil kasut nak pakai..kalau dengar azan nanti dia pun angkat tangan takbir dan dah pandai angkat tangan untuk baca doa makan.. hehe cute sangat.

Semoga Luqman terus membesar dan jadi seorang anak yang soleh.. aminnn