Monday, 26 April 2010

Delicious Nasi Padang in Abu Dhabi

Have you tried an Indonesian food known as Nasi Padang before?

We had our first encounter with this dish in one of the restaurant in Bali 2 years ago and were pleasantly surprised when the waiter immediately proceeded to serve all the lauk-pauk in small serving with a plate of steam rice. And there we were sitting comfortably waiting for someone to take our orders...heh. At the end of the meal the waiter came and note down whatever we have eaten.

So last weekend was an opportunity to wet our tastebuds again when we had our special guest from Sharjah, Kak Zu and family, who came all the way to Abu Dhabi to try nasi padang at Sari Rasa Restoran. This restaurant is located behind Al Reyami Building, right in front of Abu Dhabi Mall. Parking was horrendous but we are so lucky to get a couple of nice spots quite close to the restaurant, which location might not be immediately visible from the main road. It is small and cosy restaurant but one have to go down to the basement to access all the the mouth watering dishes and the main dining hall. We arrived at 230pm and the restaurant is almost empty. Good timing!

There are plenty of sumptious dishes displayed besides the counter and it is ala-ala foodcourt di Uniten. Ambil nasi and lauk and show to the person at the counter. I had the rice with ikan bakar, terung masak sambal and a begedil for Luqman. Really yummy! I love this restaurant.. Kak Zu and family also enjoyed the food very much. Abi opted for nangka masak lomak, ayam goreng, sambal ikan bilis (his favourite) and sayur kerabu.

And for desserts we've ordered es campur. Its like ais kacang but without the ais has cincau, nata de coco and avocado in it with 2 ketul of ice.. nice and sweet :). Average price for one person is around Dhs 30, which is ok for me. (Lagipun Uncle Zaf yang belanja...hehe)
Gendang gendut tali kecapi kenyang perut suka hati.. next time kami datang lagi.
Kak Zu with her new camera at our house The only picture, Es Campur. Yang lain tak sempat ambil sebab lapar sangat..
Rombongan ke Restoran Sari Rasa, happy lepas kenyang makan
That night we went to Khalifa Park to see the much publicised funfair and circus galore. Much to our disappointment there were limited rides and fun activities for the children. But all is not lost....I've won a teddy bear for the first time in my life! Yeayyy....
Grabbing the thrown teddy once yours truly is declared the winner...
A ride for ummi and Luqman
We had the best of time and Luqman really enjoy all the rides.


temp. housewife said...

tak pernah mkn nasi padang. tapi kat Kelana Jaya tak silap ada satu restoran jual nasi padang. bolehla pergi rasa nanti. hehe

Syigim said...

eh eh...kita pun penah makan sini sekali. smbal dia best psl manis2 n xpedas sgt. ;) ingat lg mr khairul order 'soda gembira' klaka nama tu padehal tu air bandung campo eskrem soda je..hihi

atun♥achai said...

wow..nanti lenkali pegi try plak nasi timba(dlm menu) disitu la..tapi kuah x disediakan lah..ala2 mcm makan nasi kukus..yummyy..siap ada smbal belacan n ulam kobis..da la ayam goreng berempah serta ikan masin..

NabilaHouse said...

aku suka makan nasi padang kat food court alamanda.. hehehe..

best aaa naik rides kat funfair ek.. terrer lah ko menang teddy bear main game.. hehehe..

ummiluqman said...

nur: cubalah nasi padang ni. sedap jugak rasanya
syigim: oh ada minuman nama mcm tu haritu tak perasan ada dlm menu
atun:menarik nama tu nasi timba..nnti kami try
nana: balik nanti nak try juga la kat alamanda.. itu first time main game kat funfair hehe

paij188 said...

eee bestnye! nak ajak En.fadzil g try je makan.. kat sana! Makan..makan.. bestnyee!!

Shaz said...

Hello..enjoyed reading your posts..I am a global Indian and a big fan of Murtabak. But I cannot find it in Dubai...the only Indonesian restaurant I know here is Betawi and I dont think they have it. Would you know where to find this? Is it available in this AUH restaurant? Kindly email me on if you have some info. Thanks!