Thursday, 30 April 2009

Let's Begin to Eat

I'm already 6 months old and Ummi said, I am ready for solid foods. Everyday Ummi will prepared special foods for me. For the first week, I only had blended rice. I only ate a small portion because it taste different than the milk. But after a while I become accustomed to eating solids and I managed to eat more.
I had taste variety of foods and I love fruits especially pears. Rice is not my favourite but when Ummi blended it with carrot, it is yummy and sweet.
Today I would like to share with you my favourite foods.. taraaa

Pear Mash
Pears are high in fiber, potassium and Vitamin C. They are a great fruit because when I eat pears it is easy for me to poo.
Rice + carrot
I love rice mixed with carrot. The sweetness of carrot makes me feel like I am eating an ice cream.. hehe..
Useful Fact:
Carrots are very high in beta carotene. Beta carotene is a Carotenoid. Caratenoids are a set of darkly colored pigments called provitamin A carotenoids that can be converted to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important in infant's diet. I will do research about all these vitamins and mineral later ok..

Rice + spinach+king steak fish

I am not really like this 'bubur'. The fish is quite smelly. But Ummi said fish is good because I can get a complete protein from Mr Fish.

Useful Fact:

Spinach is an amazing source of Calcium! Spinach also contains Vitamin A and Selenium too!

Variety of fruits (apple, pear, peach, nectarine and avocado)

I am eager to try more delicious foods but for now the most important food is still MILK..

See you again..

Friday, 24 April 2009

I can sit...

Hello everybody..

I am already 6 months 3 weeks and the good news is I can sit unassisted for a longer periods.

I love to sit and read the books.
I also can sit in front of Ummi's laptop and listening to the Zikir in youtube.

Yeay.. both my tok (tok perlis and tok aloq setaq) sure will be happy to hear this.. I will call them this weekend and inform them..
Bye for now

Monday, 20 April 2009

An apple a day keeps the doctor away....

Ahlan wa sahlan. How is everybody today? All good and well, insyaAllah. The arabic word for good is 'khoir', as in 'ana bi khoir.' Arabic is a beautiful language and I hope to master it when I am a bit older....

This time around I want to share my experience during the visit to the hospital to my most peberet doctor...Dr Hala from Egypt. Say Hi to Dr Hala everyone :)

Dr Hala is my good friend because she also like to smile...just like me, and she always say nice things about me to both Ummi and Abi. She also help to prescribe the vaccination required for baby my age and let me play with her telescope...opsss.....stetescope whenever i had my check up with her.

The first doctor I went to see is Prof. Stiles but he is a bit old and too methodical during the check up..... both Ummi and Abi feel that he lacks the paternal touch so we change to Dr Hala as per recommendation by the staff nurse during our 2nd visit to the An Noor Hospital here in Abu Dhabi.

This is Dr Hala and me during our checkup. I do not know why she sometimes put her hand up my shirt but it feels really nice and 'geli geleman' and most of the time we ended up laughing together gether.

Did you noticed the big polar bear at the background? Mr Polar Bear normally keep to himself but always smiling so Dr Hala and me also like him very much.

As I am already 6 months old, I will get 2 injections and and oral dose of vaccination this time around. Like everyone else I cried when the staff nurse gave me the injections but it only lasted for a short while, honest :) It will be another 6 months before my next visit and round of vaccination. We said our goodbye to Dr Hala and she advised dear Ummi to start and me on solid food, fruits and the like.

This is me and Ummi in front of An Noor hospital before we left...see I am no longer crying :)

See you next time.

Ila' liqa

Monday, 13 April 2009

Rolling over

Today I have mastered a new skill..rolling over from my back to tummy but not vice versa. Ummi has to help me to get on my back when I am tired. For the time being I can only kick my legs and keep on swimming and the best part is I love sleeping on my tummy. Rolling over is fun.