Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem..
This year is my first year celebrating the month of Ramadan with Ummi and Abi in Abu Dhabi and this entry should be earlier but I was having a fever and not in a good mood to write. We went to the hospital on Saturday morning and Dr Hala said the fever may be due to my teething and also the hot weather. Alhamdulillah after Ummi gave me medicine, I feel much better today. The weather is getting hotter and hotter here and almost reaching 45 degree celcius nowadays. I wish I am in Malaysia right now..but insyaAllah our family will be celebrating Hari Raya in Malaysia this year. I am looking forward to meet all my cousins and tok. Orait happy fasting everyone..

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Istanbul- Memoir of the Last Islamic Empire Part 4

There are a lot of attractions around the Old City of Istanbul or Sultanahmet and one of the first thing to see is the famous Ayasofya. Ayasofya was constructed as a church between AD 532 to 537 on the order of Byzantine Emperor Justinian. It is one of the greatest example of early Byzantine architecture and also traditional Roman architecture.When Ottoman conquered Constantinople in 1453, Sultan Mehmet II ordered Hagia Sophia to be converted to Ayasofya Mosque and at that time 2 minarets designed by Mimar Sinan were added to the building. 2 more minarets were added later during the era.

When I strolled to Ayasofya from the park, I felt like I was approaching a ordinary, historical, huge Byzantine building. We have to line up (a long line) under the hot sun to buy tickets and I thought inside of this building must be packed like sardine. But, when I approach the entrance of Ayasofya, everything changes. Through the first door, we enter the second door and the third door and the great space beyond. The interior of Ayasofya is awesome and it is so big.

I can feel the cool air inside Ayasofya and I thought it was the aircond but I could not find any air conditioner, then I noticed that the pave, the pillars and all the surfaces other than the walls are from marbles, may be this give the cool atmosphere inside the building.When I looked up above, there are eight round green panels hanging in the central room written with the Names of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, the four Caliphs and Hasan and Husin ( Prophet Muhammad's grandson). Window details. The jar was made by a single marble and the lamps are the typical Ottoman oil lamps.Panels written Allah and Muhammad. At the centre is the mosaic of Virgin Mary with Jesus The minbar and mihrab were added to Ayasofya after it was converted to a mosque. This minbar also is made of marble.
The Mihrab and two candle holders. One of the mosaics displayed at the upper gallery of Ayasofya. During the Ottoman era all the mosaics were plastered over.
We had to walk up the ramp for almost 5 minutes to the upper gallery which displayed all the mosaics. It was like climbing a small hill, very tiring but worth it. The massive dome of Ayasofya. The original dome from Byzantine era had collapse several times and during the reign of Sultam Selim II, Mimar Sinan designed this dome with 40 window panels around it and the dome is decorated by handwritten calligraphy of Surah An Nur. Luqman enjoying himself. For over 500 years Ayasofya remained the principal mosque of Istanbul until 1935, when it was converted to a museum by Republik of Turkey under the order of Kamal Attarturk.

Just across the street there is another impressive monument from Byzantine Era which the Basilica Cistern or known as Yerabatan Sarnici by local people. During the Byzantine era it was used as a reservoir for water storage for the palace and other buildings.
The interior of the cistern is breathtaking. The walls of the cistern were built by thick bricks and there are 336 marble columns to support the cistern.The ceiling gravity is distributed to the columns through the arches.There are two Medusa heads used as the bases of two columns of the Cistern which are from the Roman Period. One of the Medusa's head is put upside down.Based on the history, after the Ottoman conquest Istanbul, the gardens of Topkapi Palace were watered through this cistern. But the Ottoman preferred tap water to deadwater and they installed their own water system and abandoned the cistern. The cistern went a major restoration between 1985-1987 and was open to public after that.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Morning & Evening Doa

I would like to share this doa with all my friends and family. I got this from Darussyifa' Online and it is also one of the doas in Mathurat. This doa can be recite 3 times in the morning and evening to protect us against all harm, InsyaAllah.

Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm a Happy 10 Months Old Boy

Today I am already 10 months old. I had two teeth and I also can walk a few steps unassisted. Sometimes, Abi and Ummi holding my hand to help me walk towards them. I like to stand in front of the TV and Ummi always switch off the TV when I do that..Now, I am learning how to bend my knee and to sit after standing, it is very difficult than everybody might think. I also can say a few words such as mama, fafa and dada.
My favourite TV programme is Barney and Friends. Barney loves to sing and I enjoy watching him running around with his friends. I hope one day I can meet Barney and play along with him :)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Weekend Outing in Dubai

The weather is getting hotter in Abu Dhabi, therefore we always spend our weekend at home or at the mall only. But last weekend we went to Uncle Nizam's house in Dubai. We arrived there at 10am. After having a sumptuos serving of nasi lemak ala mode, we drove over to Dubai Outlet Mall for a bit of fun activity and shoppping. This was our first ever visit to Chuckee Cheese, the famous children entertainment centre in Dubai....and many more to come (I hope). Guess what, they have this awesome Merry-go-round (or Carousel in french).Abi and Ummi took turns to ride with me. I dont like the moving horses that much as I prefer the static one...they dont giddy up and down.

This is me with Mr Chuckee Cheeze, as you would have guess from the picture, Mr Chuckee Cheese is a mouse with big ears.
Mr Chuckee, where do you want to go?

Meet my new friend Liya.
This is Abi with Uncle Nizam and his daughter, Dhiya.Come everyone let's ride with Mr Chuckee. I was soo excited and so was Mr Chuckee. All of us enjoyed the ride.

I had a great weekend in Dubai, thanks to Uncle Nizam and family for their hospitality. InsyaAllah we will come and visit again after the hot season is over.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Istanbul-Memoir of the Last Islamic Empire-Part 3

One of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul is the world renowed Sultanahmet Mosque located just across Hagia Sophia. The mosque is also known as Blue Mosque for the blue-green tiles of its interior walls. This mosque was contructed by Mimar Mehmed Aga during the reign of Sultan Ahmet I. Mimar Mehmed was one of Sinan's student. The Blue Mosque is the only mosque with six minarets in the world.

Blue Mosque combines the best of two architectural styles, the traditional Islamic architecture with Byzantine elements taken from adjacent Hagia Sophia (as Abi would eloquently recall...)
Lights inside the mosque is provided by more than 200 stained glass windows and chandeliers. Ummi able to capture all this beauty in just one photo...don't you think. Fascinating view of the interior The interior walls decorate by more than 20,000 handmade Iznik ceramic tiles, in more than 50 floral designs such as lilies and tulips. The central dome is 43m high and diameter of 23.5 m, and is supported by semi domes.Interior view- a very nice picture by Abi Interoir details-the domes This mosque is sooooo big. I'm at awe with my surrounding Allahuakbar Blue Mosque at night
The inner courtyard which is located in front of the mosque is entered through three gates with marble steps. Everynight they would showcase light and sound show within this courtyard but we are unlucky as it was put on hold couple of months back. Otherwise you can just imagine what a spectacular show it will be.

The outer courtyard of the mosque.

Nice shot from Abi.
It was my Abi's dream for us to visit wonder he is so excited.
Me and Ummi at the park on the way to the Blue Mosque
This is a very nice park with fountain. Me? I like the green green grass...
On our last day in Istanbul