Monday, 3 August 2009

Istanbul-Memoir of the Last Islamic Empire-Part 3

One of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul is the world renowed Sultanahmet Mosque located just across Hagia Sophia. The mosque is also known as Blue Mosque for the blue-green tiles of its interior walls. This mosque was contructed by Mimar Mehmed Aga during the reign of Sultan Ahmet I. Mimar Mehmed was one of Sinan's student. The Blue Mosque is the only mosque with six minarets in the world.

Blue Mosque combines the best of two architectural styles, the traditional Islamic architecture with Byzantine elements taken from adjacent Hagia Sophia (as Abi would eloquently recall...)
Lights inside the mosque is provided by more than 200 stained glass windows and chandeliers. Ummi able to capture all this beauty in just one photo...don't you think. Fascinating view of the interior The interior walls decorate by more than 20,000 handmade Iznik ceramic tiles, in more than 50 floral designs such as lilies and tulips. The central dome is 43m high and diameter of 23.5 m, and is supported by semi domes.Interior view- a very nice picture by Abi Interoir details-the domes This mosque is sooooo big. I'm at awe with my surrounding Allahuakbar Blue Mosque at night
The inner courtyard which is located in front of the mosque is entered through three gates with marble steps. Everynight they would showcase light and sound show within this courtyard but we are unlucky as it was put on hold couple of months back. Otherwise you can just imagine what a spectacular show it will be.

The outer courtyard of the mosque.

Nice shot from Abi.
It was my Abi's dream for us to visit wonder he is so excited.
Me and Ummi at the park on the way to the Blue Mosque
This is a very nice park with fountain. Me? I like the green green grass...
On our last day in Istanbul

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