Monday, 10 August 2009

I'm a Happy 10 Months Old Boy

Today I am already 10 months old. I had two teeth and I also can walk a few steps unassisted. Sometimes, Abi and Ummi holding my hand to help me walk towards them. I like to stand in front of the TV and Ummi always switch off the TV when I do that..Now, I am learning how to bend my knee and to sit after standing, it is very difficult than everybody might think. I also can say a few words such as mama, fafa and dada.
My favourite TV programme is Barney and Friends. Barney loves to sing and I enjoy watching him running around with his friends. I hope one day I can meet Barney and play along with him :)


Anonymous said...

bahagianye dia...mesti best dpt berjalan2 selalu & jumpa ramai kawan. terrer bersosial kan?

ummiluqman said...

mamamiya..Luqman memang sangat friendly. pantang jumpa rakan sebaya mesti nak tegur punya...selalu dok rumah je..sekali sekala p jalan memang dia suka.

CuppyCakeMommy said...

hi there abang luqman..salam perkenalan from adik mia