Thursday, 6 August 2009

Weekend Outing in Dubai

The weather is getting hotter in Abu Dhabi, therefore we always spend our weekend at home or at the mall only. But last weekend we went to Uncle Nizam's house in Dubai. We arrived there at 10am. After having a sumptuos serving of nasi lemak ala mode, we drove over to Dubai Outlet Mall for a bit of fun activity and shoppping. This was our first ever visit to Chuckee Cheese, the famous children entertainment centre in Dubai....and many more to come (I hope). Guess what, they have this awesome Merry-go-round (or Carousel in french).Abi and Ummi took turns to ride with me. I dont like the moving horses that much as I prefer the static one...they dont giddy up and down.

This is me with Mr Chuckee Cheeze, as you would have guess from the picture, Mr Chuckee Cheese is a mouse with big ears.
Mr Chuckee, where do you want to go?

Meet my new friend Liya.
This is Abi with Uncle Nizam and his daughter, Dhiya.Come everyone let's ride with Mr Chuckee. I was soo excited and so was Mr Chuckee. All of us enjoyed the ride.

I had a great weekend in Dubai, thanks to Uncle Nizam and family for their hospitality. InsyaAllah we will come and visit again after the hot season is over.

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