Sunday, 2 May 2010

I love your blog

I received this award from Syigim, my neighbour in Dubai, mother of 3 kays. Thanks a lot Syigim, I love your blog too. Now, I would like to pass this award to my friends because I love their blogs!
To neny, soon to be like martha stewart-versi Malaysia, mis- wish i can sew like her, my old friend sejak A level nana, my x-schoolmate nur, atun-my friend in abu dhabi, fairus in dubai, oyis a Dr to be in the UK and izma in jordan.

I really love these blogs because they are sharing a lot of info pasal masak-memasak, jahit menjahit, travelling experience and cerita ceriti family.
Sudilah terima award ini :)

1 comment:

Neny said...

azma, thanks for the award tapi sori x buat2 pon lagi, tgh bz ler...nanti sy buat ye!