Monday, 7 December 2009

Asean Cup 2009 @ Al Ahli Club Dubai

Salam to all,

The UAE National Day is celebrated on 2nd of December of every year, and this year it happened to be on the very same day as the Asean 5 a side football and captain's ball tournament which were held at Al Ahli Club, Dubai. This time ummi had the opportunity to play for the Malaysian team in the captain's ball game. And the best part is, Malaysian Team A had won 3rd place. :)
Posing sebelum main
Captain Ball Team A (yellow) and Team B. Team A managed to defeat Philiphine team and Thailand but lost to Singaporean teams. And Luqman spending his time playing football with his new friend.

A star in the making, noticed how he 'gelecek' the 2 older players and run with the ball.

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