Saturday, 5 December 2009

Fujairah Trip

Eid Mubarak to all,

We have been planning the trip to Fujairah for quite some time now and it finally materialised during the recent Eid holiday. As this is our first time there, Uncle Zaf has volunteered to be our tour guide. What started as a trip for 2 families ended up as a convoy of 6 cars with addition of friends and families from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The more the merrier, I had the opportunity to make new friends and enjoyed good food too.

Sharjah monument.. tunggu geng2 pengembaraan dari Dubai who got wayward midway through reaching the rendevous point. Family photo
Bisnes talk..bole pinjam kereta mainan tu tak?
Jom kita main
Luqman berjumpa pula dengan kawan kawan baru di Sharjah monument

The trip to Fujairah took about 2 hours from Sharjah and we ended up taking the long road through Dibba which is the border of UAE and Oman. We enjoyed the stunning scenery of Dibba because its sandwiched between the rocky mountains. But unfortunately this time of year the beaches are a bit too crowded because people from all over UAE came to Fujairah's beach to spend their long holiday of Eid and the National Day.

After searching frantically for a good spot to lepak we managed to get parking at one of the beaches in Fujairah and had our picnic. We had nasi himpit, soto, lontong, nasi goreng, cupcakes, sandwich and ayam goreng too. I had a really a great moment playing with sand using my new gadget on the beach. And I had the chance to try out the swing too... it's breathtaking (literally..hehe)

We spent about 1 hour at the beach and travelled back to Sharjah and stayed there for another night.Thanks to Uncle Zaf and Auntie Zu for letting us 'sleepover' and enjoy the pool during the stay in Sharjah.
All in all, it was a really memorable trip. InsyaAllah we will visit Fujairah again...soon I hope.

Geng pengembaraan

berhenti tengok karpet yang cantik2 on the way ke Fujairah.. tapi mahal sangat tak jadi nak beli

Antara yang hadir
senyum semua..

Seronok main pasir sampai habis muka dgn pasir. Siap makan pasir lagi..

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