Thursday, 8 December 2011

Terengganu Trip October 2011~ Muzium Terengganu

Salam to all

After a loooong break, now I am back to update my blog. Our family went to Terengganu end of October because ummi had to visit one of the Uniten's students undergone her industrial training in Dungun. Terengganu is very special to us, we love the islands, beaches and foods!! nasi dagang and keropok lekor are yummy. We had the opportunity to visit the largest muzium in Malaysia, the Terengganu State Museum. It is located at Kampung Losong just 15 minutes from Kuala Terengganu town. It was so big and the most special monument in this museum is Batu Bersurat of Terengganu. This museum was built because the government of Terengganu wanted to bring back the Batu Bersurat from Singapore Museum. Ticket for adult only RM5/person. Now lets enjoy the pictures:

View from the entrance.

so many steps, sakit kaki jugak nak memanjat tangga ni

Luqman is so happy, sekarang dah pandai buat peace

Naik train untuk melawat rumah tradisional dan maritim park

Sayang betul rumah ini dibiarkan kosong je, nampak pun dah buruk

It was a good trip to the museum but this museum is so big but it will be very beautiful and attractive if properly maintained.

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