Saturday, 11 July 2009

The Land of the Pharoah- Part 3

Pyramids and Sphinx

There are a lot of places to visit around Cairo. The most amazing place that everybody have to visit in Egypt are the Pyramids, the greatest man-made structures on Earth. They are very huge and beautifully built!! There are 3 pyramids named Cheop, Khepren and Menkaure located at Giza just outside Cairo. The biggest is Cheop also known as Khufu and there is a tomb of the pharoah inside this pyramid. Near to pyramids there is the Sphinx (the guide of the pyramids), the largest statue in the world made from a single stone. But compared to Pyramids the Sphinx is so small.

My family at the pyramids

Happy faces
A visit to Egypt is not complete if Egyptian Museum is not in the tour list. We went to the museum and spent almost 3 hours there. The museum is so big and displayed more than 120,000 items from The Pharoah era's. The most remarkable item is Tutankhamen's famed god-like golden mask.

Inside the Museum
This is Tutankhamun Gold Mask
In front of the Museum
Outside the Museum

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