Monday, 27 July 2009

Luqman and his New Friends in Istanbul

Turk Hava Yollari!!!
Hi everyone. This is what the Turkish people called their National Airlines. I just got back from Istanbul for our summer holiday between 17 July to 21 July and what fun we had. Turkish Airlines are really cheap but it was not as good as Etihad Airways. Why you ask? Well, for starters they did not provide basinet for baby like me..(no wonder their fare is cheaper compared to Etihad, so all mommies out there please take note). The stewardess were not friendly as well. In Istanbul, we stayed at Aladdin Hotel in Sultanahmet which is part of the old town. This is a very good hotel and don't forget check out Ummi's review for this hotel at TripAdvisor.
My Ummi and Abi spend most of the time walking to all the tourist attractions as they are really close to the hotel, with me in tow in my ever peberet buggy/stroller.
In this entry I only want to post my pictures with all my new friends I've met in Istanbul.. I really enjoy meeting people from all walks of life...just like you!

This is Nesrin, she really likes me. She kissed me a lot..:) I met her at Topkapi Palace and she is a guard in one of the rooms in Harem.

We were heading towards a park in Topkapi Palace and suddenly this beautiful girl looked at me and she asked permission from Abi to take a picture with me.. I am very tired that's why I did not smile. Look at her nose.. so mancung one...

Here Nesrin and her friend again

I met my new friend in Archeology Museum. He gave me a fruit because I was so cranky when Umi and Abi were enjoying their time checking out all the Roman Statue..This is a cat, I met him at the Sulamaniye Camii. I was so excited.. the cat? buat donno jer
This boy came to me and want to play with me. I met him at the Blue Mosque
Hah.. this is the girl that kissed me in the Blue Mosque. And me? What can a boy do, except Smile :)
This is Alaaddin Hotel Manager
This is Ibrahim and a nice lady from our hotel
This is Mr Mohamad from Alaadin Hotel. He is a nice guy and he can also speak Malay fluently as he worked in Madinah before and have met a lot of Malaysian Jemaah Haji.
This is the video of the lil' gurl trying to kiss me....make me so shy only..

That's all folks.


Anonymous said...

fuish..ramainye kawan baru dia..

frs_30 said...

salam luqman....uihhh!!! best la dia, ramai peminat.
erk....hotel manager tu cam ensem je. tknk rekemen kt cik dah ka? hehehehe

ummiluqman said...

friendly sangat sbb tu ramai minat.. chedah jom p istanbul kalau berkenan kat manager tu