Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Land of the Pharoahs- Part 1

Today I want to write about my trip to Cairo. Our trip to Cairo was from 16/6 to 20/6. We flied on Etihad Airways because Abi managed to get cheap tickets from Etihad edeal. In Cairo we were staying at Rumah Tamu Perlis and our guides were two Al Azhar students ( Ami Najib's friends). It was a 4 hours flight and I had been a very good boy throughout the journey. When we arrived Ammu Matlan and Ammu Syam (our guides) already waiting for us. The Cairo International Airport was an old building, I think Alor Setar Airport is 110% better than it. But well, I was there not to visit the airport eheh.

Flight Engine

I love to sit in this bassinet The traffic in Cairo was so crowded and there was no traffic light on the road. You can hear the honk all the time. And the pedestarians? They crossed the road at their will. They could'nt care less of the oncoming speeding vehicles. Here I can see the horses and donkeys on the road too. But our driver (Ammu matlan) was an expert since he was here for more than 4 years. Syukran to him.

Our first visiting spot was maqam for Saidina Husein the grandson of the prophet Muhammad SAW. His head is believed to be buried on the grounds of the mosque.
Next to this place is the most famous local bazaar known as Bazar Khan el-Khalili where you can almost anything for cheap price. But most of them can't speak English so it is better to go with a guide to bargain the price.

Saidina Husein Mosque

Inside the mosque
Maqam of Saidina Husien

The Al-Azhar Mosque also located near to this place. It is a beautiful Islamic monument and was built in 972AD (391H). It was called Al-Azhar after the name of Fatimah Az Zahra, daughter of Nabi Muhammad SAW. Many of the Al Azhar students spend their time here to gain extra knowledge because there are many classes and kuliah at this mosque. I wish I can be a student in Al Azhar one day..InsyaAllah

Inside Masjid al-Azhar
Masjid Al-Azhar
Rombongan Cik Kiah in front of the mosque

I am tired already Minarets
From other side of the road Sailing at River Nile (Hungry faces)
Our last activity for the day was sailing at the Nile river. It was a fun trip but everybody were so tired and hungry. Maybe next time we should bring food on the ship :)
That's all for this time.. I will continue to post my adventure in Egypt in the next entry. Bye for now

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