Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Musandam Adventure-Part 2

We started our journey early in the morning after checked out from the hotel at 730am. It took us about 45 minutes to arrived at the UAE and Oman border. We had to go through a very long procedure in order to cross the border. We wasted about an hour at the Immigration Office, and I was very worried that we will missed the dhow cruise which starts at 9pm every day based on the info on the net. Abi drove very fast and we reach Khasab the capital of Musandam at 1030am. Abi went to a tour agent (Dolphin Travel & Tour) and we managed to get cheap rate for a full-day dhow trip and the best thing is, in that dhow just the 6 of us (minus 2 boatmans). It's just like a private dhow cruise for our family.

Musandam has a very different geology compared to UAE. Musandam begins where the mountains rise from the plains of Ras Al Khaimah. Musandam is also known as The 'Norway of Arabia' because of the mountains similar to Norway fjords. Musandam peninsular is surrounded by Indian Ocean and Gulf of Oman and here we can see dolphins in real.
Our dhow cruise was a full day cruise and on the dhow drinks, fruits and a very delicious lunch were served as we were kings. We just seat back and relax enjoying the natural beautiful mountains as we sailed. But at that time I can't wait to see dolphins..
The rocks rise straight from the sea
The road to Musandam

Ready to board

Then we arrived at one spot where they were so 4-5 dolphins swimming in their natural habitat.. wow amazing! This was the first time ever everybody seen dolphins in real life. Everybody were very happy. So do I.. Then Abdullah made a sound to call for dolphins and they were swimming happily as we approach them.

Can you see Mr Dolphins?

Yes, here he is.

Umi I want to see more.. ( Abdullah, the boatman is looking at Luqman)

Umi over excited..dolphin swimming along with the dhow
Luqman is singing Arabic songs

Playing with tok

Enjoying the view

So many fish..

On the way back, we stop at Khasab Fort for pictures. This fort was built by Portugese built in the early 17th century.

There was not many trees in Musandam except for dates trees and akasia trees.

Omani's Village and a goat

The road..and rocks

We finished our cruise at 4pm and went back straight to Abu Dhabi. I had a great time in Musandam and I wish I can visit Musandam again next time.


musandam khasab said...

Dibba tour is very enjoyable because there is a vast range of things to enjoy. The natural sceneries of Musandam Dibba are very beautiful and have no match in the whole world.

Nicholas Brody said...

Musandam Dibba is a unique trip you must visit there at once?

Christy John said...

Musandam Khasab is a great place, can you tell me about the hotels their in musandam