Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Dinos Alive! @ Pusat Sains Negara

We went to Pusat Sains Negara last Saturday for Dinos Alive exhibition. PSN located at Mont Kiara and it was about 30 minutes drive from Puchong. We arrived at 930am and park next to PSN building (late visitors have to park at the other side of the road). The entrance ticket for adult is RM10/person, but we only paid RM10 and got 1 FOC ticket by showing our Enrich MAS card. For kids under 4 years old the entrance is free.

As we enter the hall, there are two life-sized dinosaurs replicas; T-Rex and an Apatosaurus displayed at the centre of the hall and they roared at the same time swing their head and tail from side to side. Luqman was so scared and he did not want to enter the hall. Abi has to pujuk Luqman and then straight away we entered the kidzworld. Here, Luqman having fun jumping and playing with giant piano, drum and many more.

At the main Dinos Alive Hall, Luqman again refused to enter because the dinos roared so loud and it was dark.. abi has to dukung and calm him down.. after an express walked through this hall we visited the Thinking Machine Hall where kids can explore and experiment some of the small machines.

Check out some pictures Jumping @kidzworld

Thinking Machine hall
He likes machines and technology not dinosaurs View from the 2nd floor Dinos Hall
He didn't want to go nearer Muka Luqman yang masam tak nak amik gambar dengan dinosaur Children play area..bila naik kereta dia tak perasan pulak ada dinasaur kat belakang Inside the play room
Cak aaaa sofeaHurry up..make a visit to PSN to see dinosaurs.... don't wait until they're EXTINCT again!! hehe

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dah start solid? nak start solid mood mak n anak kena ok.. hehe..sebab tu kot doc soh delay ya.