Friday, 11 September 2009

Peristiwa di Masjid

Last night as usual we went to the nearby masjid to perform terawih. And as usual Ummi put me by her side while she's performing terawih. Usually I will play with toys or read book or play with ummi's handphone. Sometimes, I will practise my skill, walked a few steps then walked back to ummi. But last night was different from previous nights.

Usually Luqman will sit by ummi's side
At home before going to the masjid
Luqman khusyuk bermain, ummi sempat snap gambar ni
When ummi was praying, there were 2 Arab boys came to me and asked me to play with them..oh I could not resist their offer. I have ignored what ummi had taught me and played with these guys. We ran and made noise a bit. Ummi had to chase me and bring me back to her side.
This video shows Luqman and his new friends

On our way out, 3 young women (masjid's staffs) told ummi that children are not allowed in this masjid. But why? Arab women brings their children too..they said it is ok if the child keep quiet but Luqman was running with a bunch of these guys and making noise too..

Oh no.. Luqman dah kena banned from this masjid already..tonight we have to go to another masjid. Luckily there are a lot of masjid here..

Esok dah tak boleh datang masjid ni..meh ambil gambar last untuk Ramdan kali ni

Pesanan Ummi untuk Luqman: Luqman nanti besar cari kawan-kawan yang baik ye..Pandai pandai la bawa diri dimana jua Luqman berada.

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