Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Istanbul- Memoir of the Last Islamic Empire- Part 5

The Main entrance- Nurosmaniye gate means the light of the Ottomans The Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) is one of the largest covered markets in the world. It has 22 entrance gate and 4400 shops selling thousand of things. It is very big and was tiring but fun to stroll around the bazaar and greeted by friendly Turks. Yes, Turks are very friendly and they likes me very much..hehe. Abi and Umi went to the Grand Bazaar two times to look for beautiful souvenirs for friends and families.

Beautiful Glass Lamps

Erm..what should I buy?
Ummi was hoping to bought one of these ceramics but...
After spending a few hours, we bought a lot of t-shirts for all the family members, some keychains and Abi got his new leather belt and also a red tarbus for hari raya hehehe

Just 15 minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar we arrived at the biggest and the most stunning mosque in Istanbul, Sulamaniye Mosque. This mosque is also the masterpiece of the well-known architect Mimar Sinan. Sulamaniye Mosque located on the Istanbul's highest hill at the Golden Horn.

Unfortunately, the mosque is currently undergoing restoration until 2010 and only limited area is open for visitors. But based on the information that I have read, it has the largest dome after Hagia Sophia... I should visit Istanbul again to see this stunning mosque :)

Sulamaniye Mosque- the biggest mosque in Istanbul

The small dome
The wall on the left was plastered due to the renovation
Interior view Abi and Luqman The well maintained mosque park Ottoman selling serbet.. the serbet is too sweet and it cost us TL2 for a small cup, but because Ummi wanted to take picture with this man, Abi had to pay for this expensive drink. Sulamaniye Mosque from a distance. Oh, almost forgot to tell everybody, the mausoleums of the Sulamaniye the Great (the greatest and richest of all Ottomans sultan) and his Russian wife, Roxalena is located behind this mosque. And just outside of the mosque walls is the tomb of Mimar Sinan.

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