Monday, 14 September 2009

Shopping for Balik Kampung

Last weekend Abi and Ummi brought me to Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre to buy some souvenirs for our family in Malaysia and also a baju raya for me. We went at 10pm after terawih prayer and shop till about 12am.
For your info, in Abu Dhabi, the opening hours for malls change during Ramadan. Most of the mall shops are open at 10am and close at 1pm and reopen around 8pm and stay open until around 2am daily and most people including us prefer to shop at night to avoid the heat during the day.
Abi bought a lot of ketayap and Ummi bought scarfs and we got cheaper price because we already know that Haji since last June, when both toks borong sakan from his shop.
Abi tengah borong jubah dan ketayap..Luqman tunggu di luar sebab kedai ni sempit.
Yeay mission accomplished! I got my baju raya already ..a white jubah and also a pair of shoes :)
Mr Lion, what do you want for hari raya?
We will be flying back to Malaysia tonight on Etihad Airways. Hopefully we will have a safe and smooth journey and will return to Abu Dhabi on 3rd of October. InsyaAllah

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