Saturday, 9 May 2009

Makan2 with Abi and Ummi @ Suria Brasserie

Salam everyone.

Suria Brasserie at Eclipse Hotel is one of the most commonly known Malaysian eateries and hangout place here in Abu Dhabi. This time I want to share my experience jalan2 cari makan here with dear Ummi and Abi. Don't you just love their signage......
This is me striking a pose while waiting for our food.....
But the food is taking too I tried to help myself with Ummi's triple fruit juice for starters but she was fast to act and help prevent a major fiasco with the drinks.

Later Abi explained to me to always be cool and wait for the food to be served first. We waited eagerly for the food to arrive before reciting du'a makan and enjoying our meal. Ummi had Beriyani Chicken while Abi had Nasi Lemak antarabangsa..yum yum. Guess what I had... a lousy piece of apple which I accidentally dropped halfway through sucking it....takdak rezeki la tu.

Hmmm...posing lagi (terpaksa?)

Three's a family :)

That's all folks. Next time I will try to behave myself.....hehe

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kakyong said...

selamat hari ibu,

jemput ke blog ambil hadiah hari ibu..