Saturday, 2 May 2009

My First Laptop

Yeayyyy...Ummi and Abi bought me a laptop last night during our weekly trip to Carrefour, so now the three of us can work on our computer together gether without me having to borrow and tekan tekan my Ummi's old Dell Inspiron.

I dont think my new laptop have wifi or internet at the moment so i still have to get Ummi and Abi to post this blog online from their laptop. But laptop is the coolest machine since it has all the bling bling and bleep bleep which lights up every time I press a button or scroll the big ball in the middle.... and I am having fun with my new found 'machine (by the way, its not a toy...its close to the real thing...minus the 'Ummiboard' and other trivial stuff)
Don't you wish you have a laptop just like me...hehe

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