Saturday, 23 May 2009

A Weekend in Sharjah

Last weekend we went to Uncle Zaf's house in Sharjah because Abi had a diving trip with uncle Zaf and Uncle Nawir. Sharjah is one of the emirates of the UAE and it took about two hours driving to reach Sharjah from Abu Dhabi. We arrived at 12 am on Friday and I was very sleepy and tired. On Friday morning, Abi and the gang when diving and I spent my time playing with abang Zahier and abang Zaim. This time abang Zahier was really nice to me, we played ball and watching cartoons together.

Auntie Zu had prepared a very delicious meal for us, thanks Auntie Zu, Umi loves your lasagne very much. We went back to Abu Dhabi at 9pm and reach home at 12am on Saturday.

It was a very short weekend in Sharjah but I've enjoyed it very much.

Nice view from our room

me and abang Zahier

Play time

Group photo

Bye for now

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