Monday, 12 October 2009

My Balik Kampung Journey

Balik kampung OoooOOoo balik kampung..

This posting is about my first balik kampung journey for hari raya. We went back to Malaya on 15/9/09 and it was a smooth journey. We travelled on Etihad Airways and the best thing about Etihad in Abu Dhabi is that it has its own terminal. Our flight was at 200am and we arrived Malaysia at 12pm and then we took a connecting flight to Alor Setar and arrived at 8pm. I enjoyed my journey and I got a free purple bag from Etihad stewardess.. as purple as Barney :)
A friendly Etihad staff
Tetiba dah sampai London pulak
Our flight
Sekian entry kali ni.. bersambung nanti..bye bye

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