Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Journey to Jordan - Part 1

Salam to all,
We just came back from our trip to Jordan last week. It was a 5 days and 4 nights trip. We arrived Jordan at 11am, 3/2/2010 after a 3 hours flight from Abu Dhabi. At the airport, a guy from Monte Carlo car rental company already waited for us and passed the car key to Abi. In Jordan, it's easier to drive compared to Egypt since the roads are in good condition and many signboards available in English.

Our first destination is Mount Nebo, the place where the Christians believed Prophet Musa was buried after Allah showed him the promised land. It was believed Mount Nebo is Prophet Musa's last stop, after he killed a coptic in Egypt and ran to Jordan.

Beautiful scenery from Mount Nebo
Mt Nebo Museum
All the way to the top of the hill Holy place for Christians and also a historical site for Muslims With our tour guide, the back is a monument stands at Mount Nebo From here, we can see the Jordan Valley River, Dead Sea, Palestine, Jericho and Jerusalem. The place where Nabi Musa viewed the Promised Land before he passed away at aged of 120.
Mount Nebo is a very beautiful and impressive place to visit.. our next destination is Petra.


temp. housewife said...

bestnye C'Ma. dah banyak tempat sampai ye. Sejuk ke masa pergi Jordan tu?

CIK NANA said...

Salam kenal.. uhuh, tak leh travel baca blog nie pon best!! ;)

ummu faqeh said...

salam..bestnyer...dah datang rupanya ke sini..ahlen kak ma..

Oyis said...

untungnya... sambil berjalan sambil meningkatkan ilmu sirah nabawiyyah...

ummiluqman said...

nur: banyak tempat jugak cover alhamdulillah mmg best

cik nana: sharing is caring.. best kalau dpat berkongsi cerita kan kan

ummu faqeh: syukran..maaf tak sempat contact haritu

oyis: kalau ada peluang bole juga tavel ke middle east nnti