Sunday, 15 November 2009

Luqman @ Al Ain Wildlife Park

Salam to all,

Today I want to update my entry about my first time experience at the zoo. On 23/10/09, Abi decided to take us to Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort. Al Ain is one of the emirates in UAE and it is the 2nd largest city in Abu Dhabi emirate. It just 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Abu Dhabi. Al Ain is also known as the the city of garden because of its greenery and oases. But this time we only had the opportunity to explore the zoo only. InsyaAllah next time we should go again to see other attractions such as the Al Jahili Oasis and also the famous Jebel Hafeet.

The Al Ain zoo is so big and we spent 10 hours to explore it plus we had to wait until 630pm to watch the unforgetable the Birds of Prey Show for free.

Orait now let's the pictures tell the stories :)
Ready to go.. In front of our house. Al Ain Wildlife Entrance. Entrance fee only Dhs 15 for adult and free for child under 6..Nubian Ibex are resting. They had a spectular spiraling horns and had the ability to climb tree.
Australian Exhibit. This animals are known as two addax or screwhorn antelope. This species of the antelope family is closely related to the oryx. Oryx are so beautiful and come from antelope family with long, straight, and slender horns.This is known as Bengal Tiger. It came very close to me and I saw his face very clear. He was smiling at me :)
These chimpanzees are really clever. He posed when we were taking their pictures. Giraffe datang dekatt.. Family photo satu! Mixed African Exhibit where we saw giraffe, rhino and gazelle lived together. Fox. Rupa lebih kurang anjing je.. Bergambar kenangan dengan Mr Rhino.
Mr Lion.
This creature is very lonely. He lived alone in his big cage. This pictures shows that he just woke up from his sleep.

Sungguh seronok Luqman berjalan jalan di zoo.Wahh...banyaknya flamingo Ini namanya Gazelle. Macam sang kancil je lebih kurangPingu in the house. They just had their dinner and swimming happily I had a great weekend and wish I can go there again next time..


Anonymous said...

wow bestnye, very close to the wild. mesti excited hero tu.

ummiluqman said...

memang dia suka sangat..dpt bebas n tengok macam2.. skrg dah pandai. kalau petang dah ambik shoes ajak jalan naik trike dia..heroku