Thursday, 19 November 2009

Child & Curiosity

By Dr Bruce Perry

Children are such curious creatures. They explore, question, and wonder, and by doing so, learn. From the moment of birth, likely even before, humans are drawn to new things. When we are curious about something new, we want to explore it. And while exploring we discover. If a child stays curious, he will continue to explore and discover.

A child potential — emotional, social, and cognitive — is expressed through the quantity and quality of their experiences. If the curiosity of a child fades, they will make fewer new friends, join fewer social group and read fewer books. The less-curious child is harder to teach because he is harder to inspire, enthuse, and motivate.

There are three common ways adults constrain or even crush the enthusiastic exploration of the curious child:

1) fear

2) disapproval

3) absence

Fear: Fear kills curiosity. When the child's world is chaotic or when he is afraid, he will not like novelty. He will seek the familiar, staying in his comfort zone, unwilling to leave and explore new things. Children impacted by war, natural disasters, family distress, or violence all have their curiosity crushed.

Disapproval: "Don’t touch. Don’t climb. Don’t yell. Don’t take that apart. Don’t get dirty. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t." Children sense and respond to our fears, biases, and attitudes. If we convey a sense of disgust at the mud on their shoes, their discovery will be diminished.

Absence: The presence of a caring, invested adult provides two things essential for optimal exploration: 1) a sense of safety from which to set out to discover new things and 2) the capacity to share the discovery and, thereby, get the pleasure and reinforcement from that discovery.


Anonymous said...

smlm i tgk "house". org tua berpenyakit ganjil. rupanye sebab parents control sgt time dia kecik, so badan takde daya tahan penyakit. bila dah besar ni tetibe liver cam nak fail & something ada kaitan dgn autoimmune desease.

rupanye time dia kecik, badan dia tak dpt cacing bagus & bacteria yg patut anak gain dr main kotor kat luar rumah. dah tua, badan tak dpt lawan memacam penyakit.

so biarlah anak berguling2 kat park, panjat pokok & explore the world. bukan penting utk otak aje, penting utk badan & immunization agak.

ummiluqman said...

tak sangka kalau terlampau mengongkong effect dia sampai mcm tu.. yup mmg kena biar anak explore semua benda(yg tak bahaya) so that diorg belajar..even kalau main kat rumput pun boleh buat dia sihat. kwn I pernah cerita anak saudara dia allergic rumput bila besar sbb kecik2 mak dia tak bagi main2 kat rumput.. ermm