Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Jordan - Part 4

Salam to all,

Nowadays, I'm not in the mood to update about my journey in Jordan, but still, I have a lot to things to share with my friends. So lets continue.. After a very tiring journey, we arrived Dead Sea at night and decided to stay at Dead Sea Marriot Hotel. It was a very beautiful hotel and the staffs were so friendly.

Islamic history of Dead Sea:

Dead Sea once was known as Sodom city the land in which Prophet Lut lived. The people in the town considered wicked for their acts of homosexuality. Allah punishment's arrived when two angels in the form of handsome men were sent down by Allah as guests for Lut to host. When Lut's people heard of the men, they rushed to Lut's house with their explicit intentions and asked Lut to turn over these men to them.
This was the final test for the people of Lut in which they failed so the angel Jibrail raised the land where the prophet's people lived, tipped it upside down and threw it back on earth, causing the ground near the impact to cave in. Thus, the lowest land on Earth was formed because of this punishment. The non-believers (in the monotheism doctrine) were destroyed and the followers were saved and continued their life in Jerussalem just 60 km from the Dead Sea.
The sura of ar-Rum of the Quran refers to the Dead Sea as the lowest place on Earth..
Source: Wikipedia

Big breakfast at Dead Sea Valley Marriot Hotel and we were so lucky to meet Mr Chef. He is a Palestinian, just across the sea but he never been to Palestine... It was named Dead Sea because no life possible in the sea due to high salt and mineral contents in its water. Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and nobody can't sink in it.
Beautiful scenery at the hotel The West Bank is just across the sea
I want to swim it was too cold Happy boys in action Family picture Semoga kita boleh mengambil iktibar daripada kisah-kisah dahulu..

"Berjalanlah kamu (di muka) bumi, lalu perhatikanlah bagaimana akibat orang-orang yang berdosa. "


Syigim said...

takkan cik abang tak mandi kat dead sea? hihi. khairul dulu siap lumur2 badan ngan dead sea mud tu (smpai nmpak cam org minyak je) then amik gamba terapung smbil baca paper kat dead sea. hihi.... dia kata mmg d best xperience while in jordan :)

Anonymous said...

Azma, gmbr luqman and nko sedang melunjur kaki tu cantik sangat!!


temp. housewife said...

sygnya tak pergi cuba masuk dlm dead sea tu. sejuk sgt ke C'Ma?

ummiluqman said...

syigim and nur: sebelum pergi mmg plan nak berendam dah bawa swim suit gitu, tapi bila sampai sana, terlampau sejuk sangat.. tak jadi la nak turun.

zaimah: hehe ..aksi bersantai gitu..